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202 Forest Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Shelter Support

FOJA takes pride in being able to provide much needed items to the ACPS staff to insure they have all they need to get the job done and provide the best care for the animals while they are in the shelter. Donations make it possible for us to be able to provide the items they need. 

Items FOJA has provided

• Cameras for use by ACOs

• Plastic pools for moms with puppies

• Kitten formula

• Warming mats, bottles, Nutri-cal for kittens

• Playgroup fence

• Collars & leashes for playgroups & fosters

• Calming collars

• Chest freezer

• Kongs

• Kuranda cat towers, tunnels, cat toys

• Gas cards

• Cameras & Video recorders for adoption staff

• Shop Vacs and hand tools

• PVC & supplies for dog beds (and assembly!)

• Floor fans and plastic shelving in dog runs

• Rubbermaid closets for foster & grooming supplies 

• Microscopes, weight scales, floor scale in clinic

• Scale for foster area & small scales for foster parents

• Towel warmer for clinic

• Grooming table, clippers, blades, shampoo

• Television in lobby

• CDs for kennel sound system