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Help with Landlord Issues


Your landlord said no, but you could try talking with them again.

  1. Find out exactly what the landlord is concerned about and write up a letter stating you will not allow those things to happen.

    Check out this sample pet agreement you could write up for your landlord.

  2. Show you’re a good tenant. Show proof of you paying rent on time. Provide references from your previous landlord. Keep your property clean and don’t give neighbors a reason to complain about you.

  3. If your pet lived with you in a another rental, ask that landlord to write a letter of reference and be willing to talk to your new landlord.

  4. Have your landlord meet your pet. Make sure your pet is contained in a carrier or a good harness and leash. Proceed cautiously if your pet is unfriendly.

  5. Read more about making a convincing case to your landlord.

If you’re willing to move, many websites allow you to search for pet friendly landlords:

You can board your animal or find a temporary foster until you’re in a pet-friendly situation:

Fee-based boarders:

  • Kamp Kritter

  • Happy Hounds

  • Emerson Kennels

  • Jet Set Pets

Post on Facebook Jacksonville Dog & Cat Foster Community page to find a temporary foster.

If the issue is lack of money for pet deposits:

FOJA does not endorse the websites featured on this page. We provide this as informational only. You use these websites at your own risk.