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Help with Behavioral Issues


Negative behaviors in pets can be helped! Did you know there are resources in our community to help you?

Before you give up your pet, consider getting advice from a
professional animal behavior specialist.

Professional animal behavior specialists can help with a wide variety of behavior issues.

  • Pets not getting along with other pets

  • Pets not getting along with people

  • Aggressive behavior like biting, scratching, growling, pouncing

  • Pets hiding or not being social

  • Unwanted behaviors like urinating or defecating in the house, digging in the yard, scratching furniture, marking territory

  • Pets acting overly fearful and afraid

  • And many more!

Did you know your Duval County shelters provide FREE behavioral advice?
See below for information.

Animal Care & Protective Services (ACPS)

Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS)