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Finding someone to adopt your pet

Surrendering a pet to the shelter should be your VERY LAST option.

Our Jacksonville city shelter is overcrowded. We urge you to work hard to find an adopter for your pet. Keep your pet out of the shelter.

The following are some tips for advertising your pet to help you find an adopter. 

#1. Write up an advertisement for your pet.

Your advertisement should outline these things:


a. Why you’re seeking an adopter.  Example:
For example, write something like this: “Hi, my name is Anne, and I’m looking for a new home for my cat, Henry. Henry is a great cat and I’m so sad to let him go, but I’m moving overseas and won’t be able to take him with me.”

b. Good photograph of the pet. Ideally include a few photographs showing the pet interacting with you and your other pets if you have them. You want to show the animal is friendly and social.

c. Pet’s basic info:

  • Type of pet (cat or dog)

  • Breed (if known)

  • Approximate age

  • Size and weight

  • Color

Example of a Facebook post highlighting the pertinent features mentioned on this page. Permission to use this image granted by Robin Messinese.

Example of a Facebook post highlighting the pertinent features mentioned on this page. Permission to use this image granted by Robin Messinese.

d. Medical:

  • Neutered or spayed y/n

  • Up to date on vaccinations y/n

  • Medical conditions, if any

  • Medications, special diets, if any

e. Behavioral:

  • Playful, laid back, active, etc.

  • Likes to be held, sit in laps, etc.

  • Likes other animals (cats, dogs, both) or prefers to be the only animal

  • Good with children or prefers an all-adult household

  • Housebroken, good with litterbox, etc.

  • Any other traits that are adorable

f. Adoption fee:
Consider charging at least a minimal adoption fee to ensure people are serious about caring for the pet financially.

g. Sample flyers:

#2. Post your advertisement everywhere.

a. Local vet offices. Veterinarians in your area usually have boards where you can post your advertisement. Many local businesses have boards in their stores as well.

b. Your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Next Door)

c. Local Facebook groups:

d. Animal Rescue/Adoption websites:

#3. Get ready to talk to potential adopters.

You’ll want to screen adopters to make sure they’re a good fit for your pet. Be aware that there are individuals out there you will want to avoid:

Hoarders – these are people who compulsively collect dozens and dozens of animals. They usually have good intentions wanting to save animals, but their situation is out of hand. You want to avoid them because their animals usually live in overcrowded unsanitary conditions, lack medical care, and are neglected emotionally due to the hoarder not having the ability to properly care for them.

Dog fighters – these are people who “adopt” animals for dog fights. They look for pit bulls and pit bull mixes to put in the fight. They also “adopt” cats and other small animals for bait used in the fights. This is a horrible but true reality and you need to watch out for these people.

By asking the right questions, these people will put up lots of red flags. Here are some links to help you:

#4. For even more ideas, see these websites:

FOJA does not endorse the websites featured on this page. We provide this as informational only as a public service. You use these websites at your own risk.