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Jacksonville, FL 32204



A foster parent's short term commitment makes a HUGE difference in an animal's life.

Become a foster and save a life!

The FOJA Foster Program assists ACPS two ways: 1) recruiting volunteer fosters (that’s you!), 2) providing supplies and support to sustain the foster program.

Why is there a need for fosters?

Thousands of animals are surrendered to the ACPS shelter each year. Some of these animals are not yet ready for adoption and need to be housed outside of the shelter until they are ready.

Animals that need fostering include:

Kittens kittens kittens! During much of the year, the shelter has too many kittens to house. Fostering is key to saving these little lives.

Kittens kittens kittens! During much of the year, the shelter has too many kittens to house. Fostering is key to saving these little lives.

  • Kittens and puppies too young to be adopted and need to grow up a little to be spayed or neutered.

  • Animals recovering from minor health issues that need to heal before adoption.

  • Animals who have been at the shelter for a while and need a break from their kennel.

  • Animals who are in need of socialization or behavioral training before being suitable for adoption.

  • The shelter is short on kennel space and needs support from the community to foster animals until more space is available in adoptions.

What’s the commitment?

The length of time an animal needs fostering depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s 1-3 weeks, but other times longer. As a foster you choose your level of commitment - the shelter will work with you to accommodate your schedule and needs. FOJA provides supplies such as food, litter, litter boxes, medicine, etc., so you don’t have to shoulder the cost burden of fostering.


“There’s no way I could give them back.”

This is most common reason we hear for not fostering. If you’re afraid you’d keep them all, know that you would have a large group of fosters to help you work through it. It gets easier with each new foster and you bring joy to the people who adopt your foster.

Become a foster!

You can also support the foster program through donations

FOJA contributes many items to the Foster Program. Kitten and Puppy replacement formula for animals that are still bottle feeding, weight scales, heating pads, thermometers, and many other items needed by foster families. Often, FOJA provides puppy and kitten food, once the animals are old enough to eat on their own. 

When you donate to FOJA, you help us purchase these and other vital supplies for the shelter.

You can also drop off supplies at the shelter located at 2020 Forest Street, Jacksonville FL 32202. Click here for a list of items needed for donation.

Resources for current fosters:

Check out our gallery of foster's in their loving foster homes!